Little Joe 3D Ocean Splash Car Air Freshener

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Ocean Splash - A fresh, ocean-like scent that suits the summer times. This product features a 3D designed car air freshener made with non-toxic polymer that is safe to used by everyone. Details of this product are listed as per below: - Fragrance oils made from Italy & France - All items are 100% Authentic and New..!! - To be clipped on your car air-conditioner vents - 100% Safe, No Liquid & Cute design - Little Joe 3D can last up to 45-Days - Item's condition will remain after 60-Days - Can be collected as a Personal Collection Product Information Brand : LITTLE JOE Model : 3D THUMBS UP Scent : OCEAN SPLASH Item Weight : 21 gram Package Dimensions : 130mm x 75mm x 24mm

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